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About Maazaon

MAAZAON is an exclusive farm fresh mango supplier located in Vijayawada CRDA, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh / India.

Mango is king of fruits. Nuzvid is well known by all as “City of Mangoes”. Ourfresh and juicy mango will win your heart with its delicious taste.
We procure mangoes directly from farmers and farmlands, all our mangoes are graded for quality so that you get only the best taste of the season.

Mangoes are selectively harvested to ensure that only the fruit with appropriate size is selected ensuring maximum taste and yield. All farmlands are chosen in such a way that trees are grown with a very minimum amount of pesticides used, and the trees receive less water resulting in a tasty fruit.

We at MAAZAON utmost care in cleaning, packing and ripening of mangoes to
ensure that mangoes are not damaged during any step of the processing cycle.

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Varietes of Mangos
Directly from Farmers
Carbide & Chemical Free
100% Organic Mangos
Delicious & Pulpy
All Over India

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