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INDIA IS THE LARGEST PRODUCER OF MANGOES IN THE WORLD (40%) ALSO A PRODUCER OF BEST VARIETIES IN THE WORLD. Some of the best mangoes grow in India. Each region has mangoes which are best suited to its climate and grow the best in that soil, so although the same variety could be grown in different regions, still it grows best in a certain area which is known for it.Varieties such as Alphonso (king of mangoes), Kesar (Queen of Mangoes),Chausa (Emperor of Mangoes) and Banganpalli (Pride of Andhra) are some of the top 20 varieties grown here. In addition to these other varieties, such as Rasalu, Ratol, Himayat, Langra, Dussehri, Malda, Bombay, Totapuri, Malgova,Mancurad, Payri, Neelam and Safeda etc. are also very famous. In all India is home to about 2500 mango varieties, including some of the original varieties from which most other varieties were developed.


MAAZAON is an exclusive farm fresh mango supplier located in Vijayawada CRDA, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh / India.Mango is king of fruits. Nuzvid is well known by all as “City of Mangoes”. Our fresh and juicy mango will win your heart with its delicious taste.We procure mangoes directly from farmers and farmlands, all our mangoes are graded for quality so that you get only the best taste of the season.
Mangoes are selectively harvested to ensure that only the fruit with appropriate size is selected ensuring maximum taste and yield. All farmlands are chosen in such a way that trees are grown with a very minimum amount of pesticides used, and the trees receive less water resulting in a tasty fruit.
We at MAAZAON utmost care in cleaning, packing and ripening of mangoes to
ensure that mangoes are not damaged during any step of the processing cycle.
We offer mango delivery anywhere in India and export to UAE.We are taking utmost care and sanitized approach at each and every step of our order management to ensure we provide you a safe and healthy mango of the Season

We are exclusively Raw mango (Green mangoes) suppliers all over India and UAE.We deal with wholesale and retail.We can able to supply bulk quantity 500 kgs to any number of tones. It is totally carbide free Mangoes.We supply A grade quality Mangoes based on your requirements during.Mango season (March to July). The price will be based on daily mango

A rare blend of traditional farming experience of our farmers and we have enabled us to administer organic treatments for nutrient, pest and disease control to create a forest like environment in our orchards. Our natural and sustainable methods help us deliver 100% organic mangoes to your plates across the globe.Our mango farmers have years of experience and a trained eye in picking mangoes at just the right time to ensure optimum sugar formation and maturity. These are ripened naturally in layers of penda (rice hay) in the old tradition completely untouched by chemicals and middlemen.

We believe if you eat healthy you stay healthy. We do not use any harmful chemical in our farm, All our mangoes are organic, chemical free, pesticide free, even if it means growing limited quantity, we don’t compromise with quality and most importantly your health. So when you eat mangoes from you can be 100% sure that you are eating a healthy mango.A rigorous 3 stage sorting by size, shape and visual defects is done to exclude any fruits with spots, damages and skin flaws. From the farms to our distribution centers, we ensure that you get the finest product both inside and outThe best fruits are packed in our customized, export quality, 6 ply top bottom boxes. They are enclosed in sleeves to prevent bruising or damage during transportation and adequate ventilation is provided in both primary and secondary packaging.When an order is placed online, we work with our premium delivery partners to ship the mangoes to you and your loved ones at the earliest. Special care is taken for gifting orders since the mangoes are a token of your love and affection.

Rich in Vitamin A

Mangoes are rich in Vitmain A and flavonoids like beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin. Eating the fruit throughout the summer season can keep your eye health in check.

Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant
The entire fruit including the peel is rich in antioxidants, which helps boost our immunity. A strong immunity helps us fight against a host of diseases and

Rich in potassium
Potassium helps control the heart rate and blood pressure, which helps keep
your heart healthy. Are you anymore guilty of eating mangoes?

Get ready to cut open golden yellow fruits that fill your homes with sweet aroma and nostalgia. Our Organic Farm Fresh Mangoes takes you back to the good old days ofsummer fun!

Rich in dietary fiber
Mango is rich in water and dietary fiber, which are both essential for good
digestion and preventing a spike in blood glucose. Here are a few myths about the humble mangoes. Mangoes can make you fat Eating mango will not make you fat. It is just like some other fruit rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals and nutrients. Mango cannot lead to weight gain if eaten

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